Meet NyAsia

Hi friends!

I am NyAsia - twenty-one year old college student, mental health advocate + maker! 
I created Grounded By NyAsia, LLC in 2021 as a way to come out of my comfort zone by showing others my new talent and passion, as well as providing them with unique fragrances. 
In hopes of discovering a new coping skill for my anxiety, I came across the idea of candle making! From watching the wax melt to adding in the essential oils, the process of candle making is something that relaxes and calms me down. I use candle making as a way to show others that coping skills come in various forms; this one just so happens to be mine!
Here at Grounded By NyAsia, everything is handpoured + packaged by me. Over the past year, my love for candles has grown because I believe they set the tone for any room while still providing AMAZING smells! 
Whether you are shopping for yourself, your significant other, or a friend, my goal is to make sure you not only love your new scents, but that you take time to love yourself too. 
If you have any questions, or simply want to say hello, reach out to me at